New to our range of products are gensets made up of Honda GX-series drive motors and power generators from Linz electric.

It is this combination of components that defines Vibeks gensets as high quality, durable and easy to use. We offer two types of gensets. The GVS models are single-phase generators with 230 V output voltage and capacitor voltage regulation. The GVE model is a three-phase generator with 400 V output and mixed induction and electronic (AVR) regulation.

If the gensets in our range of products do not meet your needs, don´t hesitate to contact us and together we will find a suitable solution for you.

Honda drive motors (GX-series)

Linz electric

Vibeks gensets are easy to use and provide a reliable source of electricity. They are designed to be suitable for both professional and domestic use.

Vibeks gensets are powered by stable four-stroke GX-series petrol engines manufactured by Honda, one of the world's leading petrol engine manufacturers.

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The drive motor of the genset is the most important part of the genset, besides the power generator itself, which is why at Vibeks we have chosen Honda motors that are reliable, quiet, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

The electricity is produced by generators manufactured by Linz electric S.P.A., a company specialising in the production of electric generators.

Most of the time, genset manufacturers advertise gensets with a maximum power output. Our gensets already have the actual real power produced by the genset indicated in the model’s name.

Vibeks gensets are a safe and environmentally friendly investment, as we offer high-quality, reliable and tested products that meet European standards.


With our wide range of products, you're sure to find a generator to suit your needs.

There are two lines of Vibeks gensets. The GVS line are single-phase gensets with an output voltage of 230 V and voltage regulation by capacitor technology. The GVE line is a three-phase genset with 400 V output and mixed induction and electronic (AVR) regulation.

For more information on individual gensets, click on the desired link in the table below.

Model Output power (kW) Engine
GVS 2600 2.6 / single-phase Honda GX200(3.3kW/4.4HP)
GVS 3500 3.5 / single-phase Honda GX270(4.6kW/6.2HP)
GVS 5000 5 / single-phase Honda GX390(6,4kW/8,6HP)
GVE 3500 3.5 / single-phase Honda GX270(4,6kW/6,2HP)
GVE 7000 5.6/4 three-phase Honda GX390(6,4kW/8,6HP)

If we don't have a genset to suit your needs, please feel free to contact us and we´ll find a suitable solution.

Do you wish to get in touch with us?

Do you wish to get in touch with us?